The Inkkwell, is a boutique artist development firm which specialize in creating custom compositions for multiple genres of music. Our songwriters/producers make up a diverse network of intricately selected top-liners, producers, arrangers, and engineers. The Inkkwell is comprised of key executives and professionals ranging from various entertainment industry backgrounds and genres. Designed to provide our clients with the most effective and efficient network database of industry professionals who share a similar philosophy in servicing the most elite entertainment professional demands. Guided by relentless focus on imperatives, we constantly strive to implement critical initiatives required to achieve our vision. We attest that we will deliver operational excellence in every corner of the company and meet or exceed our commitments to the many constituencies we serve.



We can help place your music in films, commercials and more.  Our connected synch team is in constant contact with the best advertising agencies (both boutique firms and global players) and film studios (indie and major) and has a proven track record of placing music from our songwriters/artists in major motion picture trailers, in films during pivotal scenes, in high visibility (often viral) web advertisements, and in television commercials.


We can help further your career via co–writes. From songwriting camps in Nashville to LA studio sessions, our team of A&R professionals in Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, Miami and Nashville (and all over the world via our foreign offices) assist songwriters in hooking up with the best talent to work with in studio settings. Once a song is finished, our team can help place the composition with major artists on major labels.


We can help register your songs and then track down income. We register songs with every type of collection agency there is, globally, then monitor & track airplay to make sure money is collected. Our years of knowledge within our Royalty, Copyright and Licensing departments can and will identify those income sources to ensure you are paid (and identify any inconsistencies, resulting in increased income for songwriters).


For our songwriters and producers, we offer studio services inside some of our multiple offices around the world. That means a free creative space to write and record in, no matter if you are in Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, Boston or London.